Deceptive pricing in the store

Why do Event Passes indicate an unrealistic discount when we buy them in the store? For instance, the Arcade 2019 Pass claims it is 4650RP, but that we get it discounted by 65% for the purchase price of 1650RP.[] What is in that imaginary 3000RP that we are getting "discounted" from the total price? The Arcade 2019 Pass includes: * Arcade Star Icon * Four Arcade Orbs * 200 Arcade Tokens * Additional Tokens for every First Win of the Day and most matchmade PvP games * Milestone missions that award up to 25 Prestige Points Can we break that down to component cost reduction? * The Arcade Star Icon isn't eligible for the type of discount you get when you already own unique content in a bundle, since this is the only way to get it. * The Four Arcade Orbs are not unique content, so they also would not qualify for that sort of discount. Individually, they cost 250RP and include 16 tokens per purchased Arcade Orb (bundled Arcade Orbs maintain this amount of tokens per paid-for Orbs and just give a free Orb or Jackpot with no additional tokens as incentive to buy the bundles). That could imply that the Arcade 2019 Orbs and 64 of the tokens bundled with the Arcade 2019 Pass are valued together at 1000RP. * Additional tokens earned from FWotD and PvP matchmade Summoner's Rift/Howling Abyss games should have no additional value attributed to them. They are the primary reason the Arcade 2019 Pass exists. Likewise, the Milestone missions have no RP value since they are Arcade 2019 Pass exclusive. We're not purchasing Prestige Points directly, since someone who buys the Arcade 2019 Pass but doesn't complete those missions will not receive those Prestige Points. So what does that leave us with? The other 136 tokens included in the package? Yeah, those are definitely not worth 2000RP. We all know the event passes don't change their costs while they are available, and previous event passes are not considered the same purchased goods as the current one (in fact, the earliest event pass was *cheaper* than current ones). So why are the event passes misleadingly priced in the client store? Is it marketing psychology? "Look how much you're saving! You should buy this while it's discounted!" If the "discounted" price lasts for the entire time an item is available for purchase, that's its normal price. It is *not* discounted. It's insulting. It's also illegal in some places, such as the state of California, where Riot Games is headquartered. > "Under California law, stores can't advertise a former price unless it was the going price as of three months ago, or if the date of the original price is clearly shown in the ad." What makes this even shadier is that this is the first time the event pass's RP cost was not declared on the official event article. This makes the store's "discounted" display more likely to deceive people into thinking they're saving RP on the purchase.
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