How to stop unwanted behavior in the game

I know and the rest of the people know that Riot doesn't want toxic behavior in the game and do chat restrictions, suspend and ban accounts. But what if they added a new system to stop toxic behavior. Many other games have this system I just wondered why this game just never added it. The whole point of this is to get someone to actually take this to at least one rioter to take this idea and possibly remove the punishment system by chat not completely. If the message contains a trigger word or a bad word that riot doesn't want then just don't send it to team chat or all chat. It would stop so many unnecessary flaming and chat spam with all trigger words. I see games like Ubisoft actually not sending the message in Rainbow 6 Siege and it doesn't trigger the team or anything. I would really like to see this getting added to stop toxic behavior in general and also getting the accounts banned.
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