Are you in Silver, trying to get to gold this season?

**Make use of strategic dodging.** **DO NOT FLAME** Trust me, as somone who has anger issues, and issues with people not doing certain things, I get angry quickly. I was recently chatbanned for saying, "f**** these people, when my support trolled and inted the entire game. Flaming doesn't help. I just got out of a game where we were deadset to lose, I could've flamed, I was mid, heimer pushed me against my tower 24/7 and I'm being tower ganked by Rengar. My jungler wasn't ganking me (Fine) but he wasn't ganking anyone else either. He was 0/1/1 with like 60 cs to Rengars 6/0/1 100+ cs. I could've flamed, but I didn't. In the end we won, if I had flamed I would have distracted my teammates from playing their best. **CS/Wave management** Focus on your CS, look for that CS, practise your last hitting. Trust me, having 300+ cs at the end of the game looks more sexy than having 15+ kills. **Objectives** Ever wondered why you're 10/5 but still losing the game? Are you taking objectives? Work to get those towers/drakes/rifts/baron, they're great bonuses and essentials. **Calculate, Allocate Resources** I hate seeing this every game I play, we would be 5 man mid vs a team who has 3 or 4 mid and the other one or two members off in a side lane. What do I hate about it? Not capitalizing on our number advantage. Stop recalling for that split pusher, unless they're on your nexus, it's highly likely that 5 people will push faster than that one. Take your 5 man mid and fight that 3 or 4 man mid. You WILL win that fight. And guess what? Even in the probability that the said split pusher can split push faster than your 5 man mid, chances are, because of peer pressuring pings or just their thought process of (I GOTTA RECALL TO SAVE MA TOWERZZ/NEXUS/HELP MA TEAM), they will stop their split push. So you got 3 kills, maybe an inhib/nexus towers while they get nothing. **Your behind in lane & Getting camped, what to do?** Don't bloody flame or ask your jungler to help. What're they going to do, gank your lane, possibly give 2 kills your laner, or even 1? Hey, let's assume the gank was successful, the enemy laner died. He's now 2/1, and still 30 cs up on you, but because you were low and didn't want to risk dying to a gank, you didn't push and recalled. And you walk back to lane and your enemy laner is STILL ahead of you. So you're still forced to play safe. Yeah, he can keep ganking you but...what if your jungle ganks the other two lanes, seeing as you're camped..and gets the rest of your team wayyy head. Their team is 1/3 of a lane fed, while your team is 2/3. Stop whining, play safe, try to soften the impact of losing your lane so your team can carry you. No shame in being carried, your mother carried you for 9 months as a baby and for 30 more years. You baby. **Invest in a DUO partner** This season has not been kind, I've seen so much..weird people. But I've brought a friend along who I can trust, who I know plays at my level and we can communicate effectively. Reduce the level of stress. **TAKE BREAKS**
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