Any mobas out there that are ....well you know... "FUN"

I played smite for 3 years before i touched LoL then i switched to LoL cause HiRez was letting smite eat shit so they could shit out more paladins junk. Then i played paragon and switched to that cause i was having much more fun in it then league. then Epic dumped paragon in the trashcan because fortnight was making them a fuck load more money for a lot less effort. So i was forced back to lol and i had fun till the meta became pick the hyper mobile shit load of damage bull shit or lose and i realised i wasn't enjoying lol anymore and was just making it more unfun for other people. And now here i am i played all 3 dead space games all 3 dark souls games all 3 metro games and played 100 hrs of skyrim and finished the main story for the first time. And now i want to play a moba cause i loved them so much 2000hrs Smite 1200 hrs League probably 400 in paragon and they are all either not fun or don't exist anymore. Tbh i just want to play a moba like i used to 3/4 years ago where i was having fun playing it and getting better at it. At least until spyro comes out in 4 days. Course then ill just want to play a moba after i 100% all 3 games. God i miss having a fun moba to play so bad.
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