Favorite Champion Personalities

While gameplay is huge on league, it is hard to enjoy league without also loving the colorful personalities of each champion. Here's my personal top-ten list of champions with personalities I love. 10. Camille: **"Second guess yourself, you will still be wrong"** Flies at you while telling you running makes no difference 9. Azir: **"When every trace of you is lost, I will remain."** The persistent emperor who earned respect through sheer dominance. 8. Kindred: **"Fate hunts you today"** She never forgets a theft. 7. Jhin: **Life, has no meaning, but your death... shall."** Whispers your invitation to his unforgettable performance. 6. Taliyah: ** "Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet on the ground."** What can you do when the very earth is in her favor? 5. Twitch: **"Oh! Hello!"** Little old twitch just passing through. 4. Tahm Kench: **"You have succeeded only in ruffling my attire!"** A book is judged by it's cover. He knows this all too well. 3. Yasuo: **"A sword's poor company for a long road."** The ronin. 2. Illaoi: **"Live your journey - or die in mine"** She is not your enemy, just a very strict teacher. 1. Poppy: **"I'm no hero. Just a yordle with a hammer."** A small lady with a big heart.
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