There is a method to the madness - I believe.

I've seen a lot of discussion on the boards about balance and one of the biggest complaints being games ending too quickly. But is this really a bad thing? Games do end quickly due to the nature of snowball but I believe that on a fundamental level - games ending quickly are not a bad thing. I mean, I'm sure that everyone has busy days and I wouldn't want to be stuck in a league game for 40+ mins because some people "never surrender". Games ending within the 30 mark seem very attractive to me. Therefore, I think the main complaint should be that champions are TOO snowball leading to zero potential for comeback later on - not that games end faster because I think that's a good thing. The problem is champions are too strong. I think Riot has tried to fix this by increasing shut-down gold, accelerating the comeback process but still trying to keep the game within the 30+ mark. This also leads us with the decreasing the potency of certain champions via dmg nerfs and buffs. The balance team knows what they're doing but they seem to ignore a core value in league. The players. I think that some high elo players (Diamond+) should be asked by Riot for their opinion and work aside the balance team. It's only the players themselves that know the community the best - not some people on the balance team that are *cough cough* not very good at the game to balance. I believe Riot is correct in some ways to try to keep the time frame but I think that they should discuss with people who know the game inside and out.
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