A Volibear Mains Thoughts on his upcoming VGU.

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We asked you to choose which champion you'd like to see updated in 2020, and the results are in. After millions of votes from players around the world, the winner is... The vote was SUPER close between the two, with Volibear just bearly edging out Fiddlesticks.
#Hello my name is Gidrah, and I'm a Volibear Main from NA! {{champion:106}} ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #**MY HISTORY WITH VOLIBEAR:** Volibear was the first champion I ever liked back in season 4, and the champion that got me into mobas in general after uninstalling league 7 times. I remember loving everything about him, from his funny as hell flip displacement to his regen passive that made up for my lack of skill at the time and allowed me to have that healing factor that made me an excellent duelist, to his WTF IS THIS DMG W active where I delete someone by biting him. Never has a champion appealed to me and my specific needs more than Voli. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #**THE VOLIBEAR WE HAVE NOW:** I think he is one of the most balanced champions in the game right now and I've recently picked him up again, one tricking him top lane and climbing to Gold with ease. For runes and items I take anything that has to do with HP like Grasp and Demolish because I know it will synergize with his W and overall tankiness and survivability, building tiamate and bamis cinder for insane early game wave clear and farming to scale into the late game as a juggernaut. Voli is the only champion I feel like when I play I have complete control over the game and I have insane amounts of fun playing him in casual or competitive play as Top Jungle or even in aram. His mini rework added an exciting new element that felt familiar yet better, adding another form of crowd control and an outplay mechanic that does 8% hp dmg to all these pesky jumps/dashes that are in the game. His new E is so funny cause a Jax or Yasuo will jump at you and you have a built in "haha NO" button. Its the only ability I can think of that counters and punishes this type of interaction and nobody expects it. Its also great to escape from ganks! Thats the theme of the champion, NOBODY expects him to deal that much damage, cc/displace teamfights for that long, run at you that fast, punish you that hard, regen that much. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #**THOUGHTS ON HIS VGU:** His last mini rework only added to everything I love about the champion and I hope his VGU follows this trend. I love the concept art in this article, 3 and 1 being my favorite designs so far though kinda reminding me of ursa from dota a little but in a good way. I also get a god of war 2018 vibe and I love it. This is the part of his VGU that excites me the most because we can all agree that his model and design are dated and need the flair they added to recent reworks like Mordkaiser. I was just thinking yesterday "dam... my boy needs a new skin... El Rayo and Runeguard are the ones I use the most but I'll occasionally play Officer so those hooligans can RESPECT MY AUTHORITY! I own all his skins and Northern Storm was the first skin I ever bought in League of Legends. All his skins are extremely special to me and have a special place in my heart. His base is meh, base splash is meh but it looks like the design team knows what they are doing and hes in the right hands. I love the idea of a thunderstorm for his ultimate, maybe a giant aoe on top of the lighting strikes he already has? Btw have you guys seen the concept for Battlecast Volibear? Its insane! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMDsvyhJYuU ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #CURRENT VOLIBEAR, THE GOOD AND THE BAD: **THE GOOD:** • His passive regening hp when it falls below a certain point. • His movement and attack animation still feel like one of the best in the game and I hardly ever miss last hits with him. The weight and feel of the champion is justright.meme • His Q displacing someone behind him that can be used to proc yas ult and also just synergizing well with his E. • His W attack speed into the anticipation of the third strike and getting them low enough to execute them. • His E providing a knock back and an outplay mechanic dealing 8% dmg to enemies caught in it while dashing/jumping. • His Laugh and Dance/BM animation • The fact that not even Zilean could keep an armored bear out of the League of Legends. **THE BAD:** • While his Q flip and movespeed is good Volibear (similar to Garen) is what my old Diamond friend would call an "I'm running at you... REACT!" champion. Meaning outside of the good things I mentioned he doesn't really have a way to pin you down in a fight like say Nasus wither. Thats where I think a flashy new ult could do wonders for his gameplay and teamfight in that respect. • Dated skins that don't offer a lot of variety. (Though that should be taken care of cause his new concept art looks nuts! Its also cool how runeguard changes his ult though its still dated.) • The elephant in the room his ults just bad and its where I would give the most creative freedom if I was leading the project. Honestly cant think of anything else, if you give him swords in the back make it a toggle like aatrox so we dont have a warwick situation where it only looks cool in like 2 skins, or make them part of his kit in some way, like he uses them as lightning poles or something. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #**IN SUMMARY:** Just please don't massacre my boy like they did with Aatrox where its not even the same champion anymore... That would legit make me uninstall. We Volibear mains are a proud race and want him treated with the upmost care and respect seeing as hes one of the oldest champions. I think Trick2G's playstyle speaks for me and many others on how it feels to play Volibear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rky21hvFg0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggHaq8Gx17A A lot of love went into writing this and I hope it is taken into consideration for the finished product. Thank you! {{champion:106}} P.S. Please make it so we can still spam his dance to do that hilarious BM animation! P.S.S On a side note regarding Fiddlestix concepts my favorites are X, N, C, and A. All the designs are cool but I personally prefer the less is more designs. Then again I don't play fiddlesticks that much so I cant speak for his community.
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