Arcade gamer crowd diminishing, all is failing?

What do you guys think? It seems that as the Arcade era of gaming seems to be diminishing, the rest of the gaming world is gone. Arcades now are stupid, and overly Nintendo DS touch technology resembling. It's just sucky and boring, and you see all these damn 2010 kids running around with their crap. It used to be that the EIGHTIES (80s) kids were the ones in the arcade, or the 60s. Less drugs and nonsense, more dedication to the game. And no context of being on your phone taking pictures all the time and stuff. It also seems that many elder people that grew up watching their children of the home game systems in the 90s, play Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64, etc. aren't really connecting with these new games. It should be that a parent sitting with tea can be JUST AS HAPPY as you while watching these amazing video games conduct themselves. Now it seems the arcade style of game, which was sort of "fast, quick sit down and play, then leave" is now the new norm for the home game world! As in, it's like "leaked" into our home environment, and now every game is just stupid and every adult thinks its stupid and ignores it after 2 seconds of looking. WHAT IS THIS? Why are games all spammed with advertisements, why do games the MOMENT I launch them have to establish connection to a News station? Why the HELL can't I just use the Network capability I pay for every month to simply connect to a GAME WORLD server? WHY MUST I SEE BROADCASTS OF ALL THESE GAME CELEBRITY STARS and other nonsense? Why does a game need a Launcher now with all sorts of things they're trying to sell me? Why can't it just launch full screen? As an old master of game design I grew up with used to say, if your game cannot go Fullscreen, you likely yourself don't think much of your game.
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