Personal Thoughts on RiotAugust[/img] I assume most of you have seen that by now. RiotAugust took it down and apologized. At first I was pretty blase about it, as I have a policy of "people are allowed to be wrong on the internet." I also have the extra-thick skin of someone who has spent more time than most moderating these Boards, as well as an awareness of the importance of venting. The more I looked into his past statements - many of which follow the same pattern of shitting the bed and trying to take it back - the more I came to feel something very simple and straightforward: _**I CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS APOLOGY**_ That's one of those things I think people forget. When you feel someone is being false, manipulative or insincere, you are under no obligation to forgive them and you certainly don't have to excuse their behavior. This isn't the first time RiotAugust has expressed these sentiments and, while I respect his right to an opinion, I think continuing to refer to the Boards as garbage - and by extension the whole Volunteer Moderation Team - is disrespectful and small. Yeah, I get he took a giant screaming dump on the whole community and that _sucks_, but he also told the volunteers that keep the Boards going that they're wasting their time... and that's the absolute most generous reading of his comments. I would normally close with one of the adages I use, something like "Be Better, Do Better", as I genuinely believe that we should always be striving to something more, but I'm just not feeling it tonight. Tonight I'm just really disappointed.
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