Matchmaking, what is happening?

So, Riot, how would You explain me this..? How is it possible, that I get players like this in Platinum elo? And I'm getting these all the time, now I even dropped because of such bots to lower division. Having 4 another equal to my skills, I would win like 80% of games at least... I can send You like tens of such screens... I mean, all the time I see players doing such a basic mistakes, like walking in bushes, where totally obliviously are hidding enemy team. Or overstaying, when line is already pushed... And so on... How is it possible, that I see through enemy eyes easily and my team is just like bunch of apes walking in every single trap and lead game into lose? I though, that with this new ranking system, matchmaking will be better. I'm so mad... This is actually for 2nd time in 3-5 days I dropped again... I can do whatever I want, but it's like my team is fighting againts me instead of enemy team! I love this game, I play it since like season 1, and don't understand me wrong. I have no problem with loosing. Sometimes there are games, when enemy team is simply better than us. We play daam good, all five players in team, but enemy is just better. And You know what? I still enjoy such a game and at the end in lobby I thanks my team for a good time and good game and wish them good luck in future, you know..? But this... This is purely cancer. Do something with it, Riot, please... And You know what is best in such games like this? That my team actually blames me for their mistakes :D... Sometimes I even have to mute them all because of all those cries, and pings and toxic behavior... It's absurd. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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