I got banned in a game with a troll who did NOT get banned

A Vayne in my normal game who took glacial augment began by calling me trash, and she also intentionally went toplane and built AP. She didn't flame, but for the rest of the game she was passively-aggressively toxic, most noticeably when she went FULL AP. She also went in at random times to the point where it was obvious she was doing it intentionally. I never cursed at her or anyone else once or twice, and I tried helping Lee Sin untilt. While admittedly I flamed a few times, I feel as this were justified as the reason was because 1. Vayne had started it first, and 2. She trolled immediately after dying once. As well as this, I stopped saying anything toxic midgame, and what I said earlier wasn't even that toxic to begin with. While yes, I admit that I shouldn't have said anything at all, I think my action was justifiable; it wasn't severe and I eventually stopped, and I certainly do not think this was worthy of a ban. For a long time I stopped being toxic. While my playstyle has always been a little toxic here and there, I never get outright toxic the whole game, ^^ and this is a similar case. Also, this like in any other case I think would be justifiable because I had a trollign teammate who was also toxic. Oh yeah, and when I reported her for intentional feeding and negative attitude? Nothing happened to her. https://imgur.com/a/kuFzkLV Won't there ever be a way to fix this stupid system?
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