Kind of a shame that league has been taking a turn for the worst

Honestly, this is gonna be very long, i'm putting out how disappointing this game and riot games as a company has been for the past year or so. The game itself is so absurdly imbalanced all the time and it just seems like the reasoning for it is due to the fact that riot games is more focused on making money than actually maintaining or fixing their game, and its obvious. they consistently over buff certain champs or runes, they never address the already broken champions and mechanics in the game that have been present since the beginning of season 8, they nerfed an entire role as a whole and has since never even bothered to try and make them viable again (adc), nearly all of the champions they put out at this season were broken at the start (to sell, otherwise how else would they make money off of them? -_-), they ignore the countless amount of both professional and casual league streamers that point out flaws constantly that never get addressed, and it seems like they simply don't care at this point. it doesnt feel like old league where balancing actually made sense and the focus was more on the game instead of poorly put together events/skin lines. hell, there have been so many memes about how riot games only focuses on skin sales and not the actual game itself and the whole "riots balance team is made of idiots/silver players", but they dont seem to pay attention to any of that, or look at it and think "wow, our company is being made into a mockery and we should probably change a few things so our rep doesnt get even worse than it already is". The game and the company all just feel like tasteless jokes at this point, no matter how many people laugh at them or call out riot for never actually fixing the REAL problems, they just don't seem to f{{champion:17}}cking get it. everything is going down the drain, and it genuinely makes me sad that my once favorite game feels more like a money scheme than a fairly balanced competitive moba that anyone and everyone could easily get into and fall in love with. this isn't really something im putting up to discuss with people, its more like an explanation as to why another league of legends fan is quitting the game, my personal feelings and opinions of the game, to hopefully give some insight on why the game is dying. I hope sometime down the line this game really makes a breakthrough and claims the title it once held, but if im gonna be honest with you, I dont think it will. It was a good 8 years boys, I had fun. GG -an old fan
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