1v1 Prized Tournament! (1/25/2018) $25 Reward for 1st!

Hello everyone! After taking some feedback from some of the members and mods on GD, I will be hosting a 1v1 tournament for the members of GD and their friends with hosting assistance from Mounting Dread(A Veteran Boards Mod). I will go small on this tournament to first test the waters to see if this is what people like and start with a 25 dollar RP reward for 1st place. **When is the Tournament** 1/25/2018 @7:30 PM EST **How to Join the Tournament** Fill out this application and post it here In Game Name: Rank: Any Questions for me: Please join the tournament discord @ https://discord.gg/KxDaKJf 10 minutes prior to the tournament so I can go over the rules with everyone and distribute the official brackets. I will put out a unofficial bracket that is subject to change here once I get a couple applications! Prior to the date, I will also have a check in. **How the Tournament will work** The Tournament will be a Double Elimination 1v1 Tournament. The lower Ranked player will get to choose before champ select between Howling Abyss or the Rift(Mid Lane). The will also get to choose if it is First Turret/First Kill or 100 CS or if it is a different preference. Everything must be approved by the Tournament mods. Feel free to add me on client for questions! We do need at least 8 people to have a good tournament! Thank you! [](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/qgJw5I39d_w/maxresdefault.jpg) Current Bracket http://challonge.com/w30jxaoa http://challonge.com/w30jxaoa.svg
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