2 Champs i think need to be addressed

This isn't meant to be hate speech towards anyone that chooses to play these champs, I just believe they do too much on these certain abilities and need a look. If you wanna talk b/c you disagree then we can discuss in the comments dont just downvote and walk away, it proves your ignorance. I think many champs are broken and its what makes me a lil toxic i cant lie, however these are some i think need immediate attention. 1) {{champion:122}} Darius's Q is unfair imo. In case you didn't know, It heals him for up to 36% per champ hit!! This inevitably leads to various moments where he presses Q and has the ability to instantly heal himself full. I've experienced moments as stupid as 4 man ganks on a fed darius going wrong when he PRESSES Q, to act like there was never fight prior and use his resetting execute to finish everyone. There is minimal outplay to this due to the fact that the average Darius is able to move while spinning Q, and uses Ghost as well. I also believe his bleed compared to the others in the game, is... why. It can stack up to 5 times and when it does it gives him damage buffs! This isn't hard to do since Riot gave him 2 slows (Hook slows for 40%, W slows for 90%). Compared to Fizz's bleed this is insane, yet Brand's is just as stupid. But I'm not gonna include Brand in this list b/c he needs his own post. oh also an execute that resets which shouldnt exist imo (ahem pyke) 2){{champion:157}} Yes, he just got nerfed and yes i know everyone says he needs a nerf, but they dont say it for no reason. I'm going to keep this one breif. He has automatic shields that he can charge by MOVING (is moving supposed to be difficult?), An ability that counters EVERY ranged champ in the game and also acts as a 360 shield if he stands in the middle of it, dash like hell with a .5 cooldown and to top it all off he can immobilize 5 champs at once all with no mana. Nice. lmk what you guys think about my opinion on this.
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