I dont know how to jungle anymore..... Im sad about the changes. I've gone 1-7 in promos.

Im sad man, im just plain sad. Jungle is the only role ive ever known in league. I never liked playing any lanes so when I started i chose jungle as my role. I finally made it to gold last season, I learned a ton and wanted to make plat my next goal for season 10. But every-time I try to assess a gank, i cant get them off. Im 2 to 3 levels down on laners, i dont hit 6 until 8 minutes in the game, sometimes 10, and Im getting crushed by early game junglers. I mostly play rengar, and while he has one of the best level 3 1v1s in the game, he most certainly doesnt have a lot of gank pressure before 6. level 4-6 is nothing special when laners are 7-8. I cant DO anything.... This doesn't feel right. Some say jungle XP is broken, some don't. But it really depends on what champions you play some are dogshit and some arent..... idk {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I just want to have fun man
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