The Boards are completely delusional

The Boards is the whiniest, bitchiest, biggest waste of time place a dev could visit for ideas on how to improve league. The amount of short-sighted, short-memory, unuseful, untrue posts I see on this website is awful. Seriously, people ACTUALLY complaining about TT being taken off? TT has virtually no playerbase, and don't you dare bitch at me about how its because "League didn't balance it." ARAM didn't undergo specific balance changes for YEARS, and still had a regular, active playerbase. If a game mode is fun, people will play it, regardless of balance. I would love to see how many people who are complaining about TT actually have a TT game played in the last 6 months. A SINGLE GAME. Next, there's the people who act like Nexus Blitz was better than TFT. This is SO ludicrous its not even funny. If anyone tried to remember, while Nexus Blitz was live, the boards were CONSTANTLY bitching about it and how shitty of a game mode it was. League listened, gave a new mode, and what did the boards do? "WE WANT NEXUS BLITZ BACK TFT SUCKS" dude. TFT regularly is the highest-viewed game on twitch, beating out league itself and even fortnite most of the time. TFT is massive, brought a brand new audience to league, and is overall just better than Nexus Blitz. Then there's the people who actually think RIOT is a terrible company. Dude. Seriously. You are spending time writing on the boards of a free to play game where all 145 champions are able to be unlocked through playing, where you can get 4 free skins per month through, where multiple times a year they give discounted skins based on your champion pool, and you're gonna act like they're worse than EA?? The boards are the culmination of entitled gamer attitudes, and I really wish this was a place where I could come to see good ideas about League. Guess I'll do what RIOT has and stick with Reddit.
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