I'm Done With League of Legends

I'm a casual player. I've been playing since season 4, around the release of Lucian. If someone were to ask me currently, "is League of Legends a fun game to play?" I'd reply with "no". I don't feel any engagement or fun from this game anymore, due to the points listed. This is my personal opinion, so please attack or criticize my points in any way, but please allow me to display them before forming your opinion. This year has been extremely disappointing with events, and while I do understand that Riot is trying to make TFT, and that they've acknowledged that events this year were a bit underwhelming, it feels hollow with the way that League of Legends is currently panning out. I miss when Riot used to hype up each champion and rework before releasing them, giving the community a nice way to discuss about the champions design and how it'd change the meta. I miss when Riot used to put a significant amount of passion into creating different experiences from League of Legends. Their rotating game modes were unique and engaging, and it felt nice to detract from Summoners Rift, while keeping the 'League of Legends experience'. It was also great that most of these events were a lot less serious and less time-consuming than Summoners Rift. Sure, some events were hit and miss such as Project: OVERCHARGE, but at the time, in my opinion, that was when Riot was really spicing up League of Legends to become flexible and give League an overwhelming amount of potential. Now, it feels like Riot is constraining League of Legends into two things, Summoners Rift and Teamfight Tactics. There is no longer any freedom in trying to take a break from Summoners Rift that doesn't completely detract from League of Legends, with the retirement of Ascension and now Twisted Treeline, and events no longer feel like weeks that I could look forward to, but instead, constant expressions of "buy this skin line, buy this ~~golden chroma~~ _prestige skin_, complete these summoners rift missions." I have no reason to look forward to each event, and go in depth as to whether the skins are made with quality, as I now associate them with an event pass and missions in Summoners Rift, rather than an interesting twist on each characters' identity. And it just feels like Riot is churning out each skin way too quickly before allowing the skins to have any significant meaning, and skins no longer feel like a natural extension to their universe anymore. Furthermore, I don't understand the balancing process at all. I don't understand where the equilibrium is in terms of League's balance. I'm not complaining necessarily about the meta, but rather the way that Riot buffs and nerfs characters without really giving an explanation as to why in a more fundamental design philosophy. To me it always comes down to "how is this a significant problem for them to change?" And while some changes are extremely obvious to try and fix the champion, I question some design changes which remove from their uniqueness and identity from League such as Aurelion Sol, Irelia, Akali and Aatrox. I also feel like some champions don't receive enough attention from Riot in general, with some champions getting reworks before others, and skin favoritism for popular champions. Because of these reasons, League of Legends now bores me and I officially quit until they do something about it.
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