Falsely Ban

So this is the story I dont play league that much often, I only played in my free time to get the time passed by. I sometimes played with my friend from others city. But mainly played for fun. So it was a normal night when I was playing League and I played until around 11PM (it was a normal day). Then went to bed, and the next morning I opened up League and realized in history match there is 2 unknown match I didn’t played and I immediately know that someone got into my account (I don’t know how someone can hacked into my account as I never share or played league in public) where I can see they changed up the setting and stuffs so I quickly changed the password. Keep in mind that I don’t play League often and I don’t share the account with anyone because most of my friends don’t play League and I just played to let time passed. So everything was normal that day after I changed the passwords and I played normally for a few match at that night too. But the next day, when I logged in, it said that I got banned from third party which confused me a lot because I didn’t do anything and I litterally don’t know how anybody can get into my account because I didn’t share nor showing my accounts to anyone. What should I do and how can I get my account back? Thanks
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