This makes me very uncomfortable Riot...

I have no words...if anything, how should I even word this? I have seen multiple screenshots and video clips of this Nightblue3 person state "ill call my Riot friend right now" or "Make it 3 weeks bitch if you don't leave" and here is the problem with these statements, the fact that you have a Riot Worker as a friend is fine but to then bring up reports with a Rioter that is friends with you and have them look into it, there is now a Bias there. What I mean by Bias is because they are friends, this Rioter could put severe consequences into place for said player, and Nightblue3 knowing they are friends, knows that this Riot worker will not punish him for his revolting behavior in game. I find this to be very unprofessional and to have this specific worker point out, "ill dig into it tonight" like..???? Maybe you can go tell him to write a fucking ticket in like every normal player and have the reports dealt with in a professional, UNBIASED setting, because I guarantee if any other Riot Support Worker looked into this, Nightblue3 would not have his account right now. This is a privacy and TOS issue as well because this is a report that is being dealt with outside of the game and because of this I feel so uncomfortable that everything Riot Support stands for and this wall they built up to be so "secure" is being trampled on by some grown ass man, this is disappointing and I might never write in another ticket if its going to be like this..I feel lied to because I have always been told that anything that deals with accounts and privacy, including reports, RP, etc. MUST have a ticket written in for them because it is an in game issue and privacy concern, they are like receipts for in game issues and if you don't have one how do we know how this process was dealt with. So this whole thing goes against that and that is whats so upsetting about it, something else thats bothersome is how NightBlue3 uses this outside source as some form of power and threat, it is honestly so disgusting. Edit - For those of you who are bringing up the issue between Nightblue3 and Nubrac, this has nothing to do with that. If we bring in logic to this fight between them...if I can even call it that, its a fucking video game..then they are both at fault. Nubrac was griefing when he went mid and started playing the victim card when he sat there all lost like "im not even doing anything, its a good strat" which it it was not, you're just griefing at the point, use common sense, if you're team is upset with you and your ADC is struggling just go back to lane and play the intended role. and Nightblue3 is at fault for being a toxic person, what got me with him is the negativity and bad energy he was giving his team. When you are toxic and a foul mouthed person those emotions and feelings you display reflect onto other players, without them even knowing. Especially when you are a big streamer with a large following, you have some people who look up to you and watch what you do because they may think "well since hes doing it and hes "famous" I should do it to!" I literally watched him manipulate his entire team into hating on this teemo, which was a bit bothersome. If someone griefs there is no need to start flaming them and throwing threats at them, report after the game and that is all. Finally, I do not know these streamers and have not watched them but I am speaking solely on the games they were in and giving you guys common knowledge and facts. Please don't go bashing them and sending them hateful comments, they're only human, everyone fucks up! ♡
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