xj9 getting unbanned this year?

been 6 years. kid was 16-17 years old. he is about to be 23 years old tomorrow. people deserve to redeem themselves. all other players have. sad that his story is lied about and exaggerated and for some reason. also fyi, xj9 got banned for a death threat on forums and posting on reddit about his accounts being banned and not getting an answer (explaining what happened to the best of his ability). this was in june 2013. the nude thing that people think he got banned for happened in Q4 2013. so pls stop saying thats the reason thanks. also funny when the same guy, destiny, leaked nudes himself at the age of 21+, fully grown adult, but isn't banned from leagued or other platforms. i guess its ok if you are a streamer or if it happened b4 social media got big. rip xj9 16-17 years old mistake darn man also funny that destiny also threatened to go to someones house in a league game, looked up where he lived, and to go and shoot him. his account got perm banned (no id banned LOL). he doesnt get ID banned for a death threat, one that he even said in a video about his ban "I was going to go to his house and **** him, but I couldn't because of all this money im making". he literally admitted he contemplated murder.
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