I'm calling out the Moderator in demand of an explanation.

I'm usually pretty chill, but from what I've seen is ((yet again)) discrepancy of content removal. And this time it's so utterly obvious that it shows that either the mod is a favoritist, or he/she isn't doing his job. https://puu.sh/E2KTS/6f3ab99268.png This was removed 15 hours ago, and is apparently harassment. When all I was doing was referencing is not only the player just playing one particular game mode, he was more or less brand new to the game and or some other circumstance. Most bronze players are brand new/ kids/ older people playing with their kids. That's not an insult, that's a legitimate fact. There are exceptions to that rule, but for the most part it's a pretty consistent generalization. Now, apparently my post is not acceptable. Well, let me post here what is apparently acceptable to our mods. https://puu.sh/E2KQI/f938751df7.png This OPS post is still up by the way. Apparently calling us ALL landfill garbage is acceptable, and we should also ban ALL players that have a bad game. So, by your logic, is it safe for me to say that anyone that is below diamond should be permabanned from the game??? Then go on a lengthy rant filled with insults? Is that okay by mod standards. I just want clarification here??? Oh yeah, remember, you removed my comment for harassment. Well, whats this? https://puu.sh/E2KZr/37e75231dd.png This is still up by the way, it was also up when my comment was removed for harassment. It's literally on the same thread, and was up during that time. Which means HIS POST is acceptable, whereas mine is not. HMMMMMMMMMMMM. Here, I know reading comprehension can be tough, so allow me to highlight to make the job EVEN EASIER. https://puu.sh/E2Ldr/4c77590d19.png So, what makes this acceptable, and my post not? My post wasn't even mean in any actual way. I guess this job is just too hard.
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