Riot: If you guys want to make money, skins need to change.

I'm not talking about "MAKE EVEN **BETTERER** SKINS RIOT" Rather, Skins have a natural end-point. The more skins you make, the higher quality they need to be to compete with the previous skin. New particles, new outfits, new effects, recalls, etc. This also means that it's inevitable that people find one skin they like and stick with it. As an example, I bought PFE _years_ ago and haven't felt the urge or desire to get another Ezreal skin. I like Pulsefire best. This means we're going to one day hit an era where skins....just aren't financially viable. Not because they're not selling or they're not good but because people will stop buying them and to make a skin EVEN BETTER than the last one, you gotta pour in even more resources and man-hours. There will be a point sans insane collectors for people to go "Well I'm happy with my skins". Riot, I think you need to look into other things: # 1.) Skin Change on Death I get it, code, clarity, whatever...but imagine being able to **use** your entire skin store in one game. Sure, it'd be tough with champs who put stuff on the map (Bard, Teemo, etc) but people would actually be encouraged to _buy more skins and have use for skins in-game_. I would no longer feel meh about unlocking a skin for something I already own because hey, cool, I can swap it out! It'll change on death and now I have even more skins to use! It would make collectors also quite happy because now they can use all these skins they collected. Worst comes to worst? Restrict it to norms only. # 2.) More Skin bonuses in-game I'm not talking stats but rather, things like the Arcade event or Star Guardian. Load into a map with 3+ star guardians? New minions! Got a bunch of project skins? Project recalls! Halloween Skins? Here comes the map accents! Yes, I get that this could (again) lead to clarity issues but at the same time it'd also give people a reason to _maybe_ not use the exact same skin every game. It also might encourage you to get a skin you didn't get before for your friends. All your pals got a full star guardian team? Better go get yours so you have a solid SG comp and can get those sick minions # 3.) Non-skin stuff. Map accents. Announcers. Stuff like that. Let me customize outside of skins. Riot's business model has a natural end-point and I do think things need to change. While I don't think what I suggested will solve problems in any permanent fashion, I _do_ think it can go a good ways to bandaging some problems and give people reasons to maybe get a skin for a champ you already own a skin for.
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