I love the build diversity I can use

I love locking in mordekaiser and wondering if I’m going to take armor or magic resistance in my defense stat on my conqueror - triumph - tenacity - coup de grace - taste of blood - ravenous hunter rune page that I can pretty much only use on Mordekaiser every game. Then I get to choose if I build blasting wand or amplifying tome and ruby crystal first for my rylais I have to build every game Then the fun happens when I decide whether I should buy liandry’s or a deadman’s first for my Ryalais - merc tread/ninja tabi - liandry’s - deadman’s - spirit visage build that I always buy every game Finally, I can choose whether to build adaptive helm, thornmail, or randuins based on who kills me in a fight more. I applaud Riot for giving mordekaiser only AP ratios so I am super restricted... I mean free in my build path and open to new builds that don't EVER leave me too squishy, too open to getting kited, or too weak in the damage department to be the juggernaut that I was designed to be! Please share your favorite build paths and runes your champ can take every game in the comments below! (Mods I know this is sarcastic as ever loving hell but please don’t remove it. I mentioned only having AP ratios to hint that I want mixed ratios back on mordekaiser like every other person that played the new Mordekaiser and got bored with the build diversity and viable rune pages.)
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