Stop nerfing JG XP, and fix it correctly please

In these recent patches the few junglers that are really "viable" with minimum weaknesses and counter play potential are {{champion:64}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:77}}, Know why this is? It's because by continuing to nerf JG XP, junglers are now forced to level 2 gank to gain anything since farming just isn't worth it. By the time you are done farming, top is already 0-10 because the enemy xin zhao doesn't NEED farm, he can sub in these cheap little ganks with them. These 5 are the best at level 2 ganking making them effectively the ENTIRE JG champ pool right now. Other farming focused JGers are still good, yeah, until they get invaded up the ass and get delayed while these early game champs gank like crazy expecting no counter gank due to how they were able to set the other mid-late game JG behind. The game or at least the affected lane is decided by 1 gank at 3 minutes right now. Just nerf THESE junglers directly, and stop making mid-late junglers jobs harder for literally no reason. (Also just revert scuttle crab b/c these 5 can easly end up taking both since mid-late JGers can't contest them at it which makes them snowball harder)
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