I went into a ranked game playing Twitch jungle. Everything went well until my top inted first blood, I go top and get a kill and then I find my blue stolen, I go to birds and they are stolen, krugs are stolen. So now I am level 2 at 5 minutes. Anyway this cycle keeps going. I am level 4 at 8 minutes and am doing my red when the enemy toplaner suddenly comes and steals it, I go to my blue and frog and they are stolen too. So we lose at 18 minutes cause from the beggining to the end of the game the whole enemy team camped me and warded and stole my jungle so I had nothing to do all game because I was too behind due to those absolute tryhards who stole my whole jungle numerous times. And my Toplaner who inted the whole game reports me with my adc who also inted and I get perma banned! Very fair riot I tottaly deserve that, great system thanks. I totally deserve that! And the thing is an unfair ban happened to me 2 times now with this perma ban. The first was a 2 week one and I got banned then for literaly getting camped in the botlane while my support was afk. Like I seriously don't understand why me an actual good player who carries most of the low elo games gets banned and trolls like the electrocute master yi who inted in 1v5's and almost made me lose the game don't get banned. The banning system doesn't even analyse the overall results of a player. If some inters and trolls report him he is done and I demand to get unbanned! I am not even an inter! I and probably many players just hate that the fate of our account sits in the fate of some trolls. I tried explaining to Kayle that I was getting camped, invaded and my jungle was being stolen and the only thing she did was type in All chat: report twitch. When I asked for her help she typed again report twitch. Again please unban me this is 100% unfair. If someone from Riot sees this please take a quick look at my last game on the LulzTVit EUNE account and tell me if I deserve that because I think a big injustice has been done to me on league of legends.
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