Now the account is diamond.

So i made i post about how bad match making its or isn't based on the 3 account i had. So i manged after (6) D4 promo's attempt and coin flips to hit D4. I manged to drop my win rate from 72% to 60% while only being in P1. I also had to duo to win them because the coin flips where to harsh. The account will stay diamond and won't be touched until i need to play a game so i don't get demoted. (The Other discussion) The reason being is not because i achieved my goal again to be diamond for another season, its just diamond is depressing to play in, man the teams are uneven and its all luck who'm you get on your team, don't even want to go into the lp win/loss gains. Its not worth playing anymore game's then needed sadly. That was the first diamond game and you can see how big the coin flip is, no coming back from that type of game. I died so much because i had to make plays to try keep the game alive, but with a underfeed team 0 chance of anything happening. So unless they fix diamond + it just isn't worth the time to grind any higher, we don't even get better rewards. I now a lot people hate smurfs, but this is the reason those accounts are made for most people, people still want to play ranked, they just don't want lose their mid from really bad diamond matching. Current account stats.
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