Its always the same thing with you people.

Far Cry 3 - Definition of Insanity Cutscene Gameplay (Xbox 360)
Voss tells Jason what crazy is, in this cutscene from Far Cry 3. Follow Far Cry 3 at! Official Site - Check out our review!
You point out a problem with the game. It gets hundreds of likes and by the end of the week it disappears. When are you people going to actually get it? Riot doesn't care what you have to say nor do they even care if you cease to exist. The company has become as bad as EA and worse. They will continue to do whatever they want with the game, ruining it or other wise. For me the games been dead since S4. But it's even more dead to me now cause I'm just going to uninstall it at this point and never look back. If Riot making other games and the giant other red flags are not a clear indication that they're done with the game. Then y'all have some issues. This game may have millions of players playing it and may not seem like a dead game. But it is. Because they're all dead on in the inside just like this game.
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