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So this is how moderation works around here guys. A new player started to play the game a few days ago. He played some games without knowing what champion he played against, what its abilities were, and so forth. After he lost a game what was the first thing he did? He posted a "nerf xy" thread. I asked him the following: "Maybe you should learn to play the game before crying for nerf?" 5 minutes later I got a warning from moderators and my comment was deleted because: "Violation: Being offensive towards other players. We've recently removed your post for violating the Golden Rule on the Boards: "Always be respectful to players, community members, moderators, and Rioters. Harassment and insults will not be tolerated". We are trying to foster an inclusive environment, and as such we allow some room for discussion and debating as long as it is handled in a mature manner. Simply calling summoner's names, mocking them, or belittling them (IE: their opinion, their preferred champion, their ranked status etc.) is not only immature, but a clear violation of the inclusive environment we're trying to build. The boards should be an environment where everyone can have an opinion as long as it's delivered in a mature way….bla-bla-bla-bla-bla. If you have a problem with other players posts, please utilise the "Report" function…bla-bla-bla.” Next day an other guy opened a thread about a champion and called everyone who plays the champion a monkey just because he lost against that champion in a game. Okay, lets follow the rules I thought, so I reported the post. Today I checked what happened to that post. Fucking nothing! So let me sum it up: saying someone to play and learn the game before cyring on forum for nerfs is offensive but calling everyone a monkey for no reason is perfectly fine. It is totally „respectful to players”, it is not a „harrasment or insult” which is not tolerated. It fits perfectly to the „inclusive environment” they are trying to build and ofc is not „simply calling summoner’s names, mocking them” because it is perfectly mature. Good to know. Therefore I can post this thread and say [removed by moderation] I do not violate any rules with it as we saw. You cannot punish me for it otherwise it would make you lame excuses for moderators what you are obviously not. Right? So have a nice day, [removed by moderation].
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