So I don't really know how to deal with Aatrox. So I decide I'll look up his spells in depth. This is what I am met with from League of Legends own site. Broken HTML, incomplete data, flat out wrong data (25000 range spell lmao), vague descriptions that don't give me actual scaling/stats/cooldowns on anything. How is this acceptable? This is your own site. This is something you are supposed to take pride in. And this is what you are presenting to people. Y'know, my dear grandfather once told me that your work is representative of what you think of the people you're presenting it to, and I honestly couldn't agree more here: you sure are quick to shove Esports down our throat but ignore critical things for your playerbase like accurate champion information, a stable client that doesn't crash and thus prevents people from connecting and unable to play resulting in a leaver loss, countless balance challenges, hilariously awkward videos that don't actually discuss anything pertinent to the game, and thousands of other things. I really do still enjoy this game, but it is honestly becoming a chore to play it. Why do I have to search the internet high and low to find accurate information of YOUR champions. Why is this not updated and available on YOUR site? You are a billion dollar fucking corporation and this is the garbage you present people? Absolutely inexcusable. I have seen people lose their jobs for FAR less, how are the people in charge of this STILL employed? This is a simple web edit: I know nothing about this crap and even I COULD do it. This irks me to unreal levels because this isn't unprofessional - no, that would be too nice. This is what I'd expect from some car salesman patting a clunker that clearly has issues trying to convince me it is gold. This is your damn job: fucking do it and take pride in it. Unbelievable.
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