I Absolutely Hate this Season of League

Nothing has changed from the start of the season to now. Usually when I get frustrated with LoL I can just tell myself, it's not that bad, it will get fixed soon to deal with any tilt I get. But you can't say that when you've been playing with those same frustrations for months. And to make matters worse, it just helps to emphasize all the long lasting bugs that they never fix as well. Who at Riot thought it was a good idea to deliver essentially nothing the whole year? Sure there's champion balance, but I care waaaaaaaaay more about meta balance. The promise of the game was that the meta would always be changing and evolving, at least when I started playing. And that was what **was** so great about it. Oh, tanks aren't doing to well right now and I can't play them a lot? That's okay, they'll be viable again in a few patches. Jungle got changed a bit and it's not as suited to my playstyle anymore? Cool, I'll just off-role for a patch or two. This season hasn't changed much this year. Tanks have been weak (not unviable, but noticeably weak), jungle has been fucked, and top lane (my go to off role) is essentially a toss up of which jungler does gank. I want to play the game. I don't want to be in a jungle meta tailored to be focused around early enemy jungle interactions around a scuttle crab, then have that gutted so only early gankers are viable. I want to be able to pick a tank then be too squishy to tank, and too low damage to contribute otherwise. I don't want to have every game top be able to be decided by the jungler and to have one or two ganks from the enemy jungler lose me lane when I'm 4/0. There's probably a ton more things I hate about the game state right now, but I try not to play it lately because it annoys me so much. Also fix the dang bugs, besides the fact this patch was an embarrassment in terms of bugs. Fix Warwick, fix your autofill, fix your animation glitches instead of redoing walk animations, fix your matchmaking, and fix your priorities. And please, the switching platforms for feedback thing is getting really old. You switch platforms because people are getting "toxic" and you don't like dealing with all the replies/comments, then you switch to a new platform, you get a small subset of really dedicated players that keep up enough to know you switched, you think this platform is just straight "better", you call the old one(s) "toxic", and you point out your on a new platform to everyone, they migrate, too many "toxics", you migrate, repeat. It's pretty childish. Boards used to be the place to talk, then Reddit, now Twitter. But as soon as Riot pointed out Twitter in life-of-a-patch, you guys have all started to lay off it more and more. Where's the next platform?
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