Promos are artificially skewed to keep you in your division and playing more

Title says it all. After having great games for multiple promos series and still losing I did some digging. My teams before promo games are always around my division and win rate and the game seems to be fair and balanced allowing me to impact the game appropriate to my skill level. However every promo game 20+ game sample size my teammates are on average 1.5 divisions lower and 7% less win percentage. In a division where most people average 50% win percentage that's a large margin. I quit for the majority of this season because of the extreme frustration of Promo games "I failed promos to another tier 8 times last season" I came back and am carrying every game (for the most part) leading to easy wins until I reach promos. Upon reaching promos I am forced into terrible teammates that destroy any hope of winning. I know the counter argument is "get better" "you're not carrying hard enough" etc but I understand my shortcomings I know exactly where my skill level lies which is low to mid divisions in the next tier. I just want to be in those divisions playing with and against equal skilled opponents. We need to stop boiling everything down to "get better" and start addressing the real and extreme problems that the ranked system has and why it creates a toxic horrible community unlike any other game. I don't blame toxic people for being toxic because honestly this game is not fun its pure frustration, we all continue to play just in hopes of climbing and that's not healthy at all. PS I am a little frustrated at the moment after losing another promo series with 15 kills and high KP so if my points were not made as clearly as I wanted them to be forgive me.
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