So let me see if I got this straight... (IP->Blue Essence overhaul)

When the change from IP to Blue Essence comes through, we will no longer receive any guaranteed amount of currency at the end of a game, instead just gaining more exp towards our next level, which will give us a chest containing a random item, including among other things an amount of Blue Essence. Did you just say that guaranteed champion unlock progression is being outright removed? Under the current system, you'll get a minimum of about 40 IP for even a really quick loss, and up to 100+ IP for a hard-earned win, not counting the daily first win bonus. With the majority of champions costing 6300 IP, you'll eventually build up enough to unlock one in a few dozen games, win or lose. You can clearly see your goal, watch your progress, and know roughly how long it's going to take. But under the new system, you have to either A: get a specific champion shard from a chest, or B: accumulate enough Blue Essence (either directly or by disenchanting champion shards) to be able to buy them. Anything you get from a chest that doesn't give you Blue Essence (skin shards etc) does _nothing _ to further your progress towards your next champion unlock. If Riot decided to jump on the loot crate bandwagon and copy Heroes of the Storm's system of unlocks (where you get a chest every time you level up, which you do by ranking heroes), they're forgetting that HotS STILL uses a base free currency (gold) which you get from games and dailies that you can use to just buy heroes directly. Tying champion unlocks SOLELY to the randomised contents of crates is a TERRIBLE idea, and strikes me as a cynical attempt to make it that much harder for players to acquire a specific champion unless they fork out RP for it. Please tell me that I'm mistaken and either an amount of guaranteed Blue Essence will still be awarded after every game, or that the amount contained in chests is large enough that you really only need a couple of levels before you can buy a new champ.
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