how to destroy slowly your game and lose profits by Riot. Step by Step tutorial.

- **Step One** : have vintage game Devs from the 80's and 90's loving strategy games warcraft and age of empires working on a new kind of startegy game : LOL is born - **step two** : your game is becoming a worldwide success time to sell your soul to a chinese company which cares only about benefits. Yeah because you made lol and you deserve to be rich whaterver the consequences. - **Step three** : Not giving enough credit to vetrans devs and not raising their salaries. Going against veteran devs ideas and values of gaming => most of them left. - **Step Four** : Adapting a game snobism attitude : this game sould be for the pros and balanced around the 0.01% of the players => favoritism towards a minority. - **Step Five** : Giving more importance to the asian market than the western market and adapting to it without even thinking about the consequences. LoL was a succes because it was made by western by men which had western values of gaming. In western strategy games things are extremely well balanced and it is a tradition. Moreover strategy games are slow paced games because it is meant to be strategic and not a crazy no brain fast mess. - **Step Six** : Decide to Slowly remove elements of what i would call the legacy of real time strategy games in LoL and adapting a Call of Duty strategy to attract more and new players. - **Step seven** : Replacing your 80's- 90's era veteran Devs which left by young unexperienced Emo and highly influenced by New pop culture devs. Which care more about artistic traits and possibilities than about the game itself. - **Step eight** : Oh shit, our player numbers are not raising anymore what can we do ? Meh this game will not last as long as we expected we should create new games and give less ressources to the our main game which makes 99% of our incomes. - **Step nine** : removing Morello from the head of the balance team and replacing him by an ex blizzard employee which was extremely controversial when he worked for blizzard. Remember season 8 ? - **Step ten** : Replacing the old rune and masteries system which was the result of a 8 years struggle to balance the game. This balance work was mainly done by the Veterans. But the new devs said fuck off with those old geezers they aren't better than us. Moreover they wanted the game to be easy access and dumb for new players. Remember the COD boys. - **Step eleven** : The young crazy devs fucked up The game is impossible to balance now, what can we do ? Increase damage creep. The asian market doesn't like long games because of internet cafés. So it is good. If we increase damage and if everyone one shots everyone everything is balanced. Moreover because young devs don't like to work on hard things it's better. They can spend more time staring at Ahris poster and making useless skins rather than rework every useless kit or to VGU fucking potato malphite. YEAH man when i go to work i see those dumbfucking complains about our dying game but i prefer working on the 69th skin of lux and staring at ahri's poster. And sometimes there is this meeting with this crazy frankenstein man called certainlyT. They say weed helps with creativity man @_@. - **Step twelve** : not telling to CertainlyT that he should stop doing those kind of kits. I mean yeah this guy litteraly wanted that when it was Full moon In real life that Aphelios would have an in game bonus damage for players to play in during full moon. I would say that certainlyT is a Fool Moon guy. And riot still let overloaded kits to be a thing. CertainlyT is surely a creative man with talent however he overdoes his kits and that's the big issue ! Final comment : Riot saw that fast paced games resulted in less playing because people went burn out faster and they saw it with urf and that's the reason they don't make urf a permanent game mode. However they decided to make their main game a fast paced game ?!!! Wtf where is the logic ? they saw with urf that fast paced games got players tired of a game faster but they still make their own game fast paced ? Conclusion Riot does paradoxal and illogical choices. You may think that Riot doesn't lose money ? year 2018-2019 they went from 2.1 to 1.4 billions us $. They even considered they would invest way less in E-sports. There is a reason why riot released trailers from in dev games without being able to show gameplay of some of them. LoL is a ten year old game and it is becoming extremely difficult to milk it. Why ? because lol peak number of players has already been reached and it seems to decrease slowly and surely moreover people spend less on the game, most of us already have most of the skins we want. Because of that they hope they could sustain the game threw entertainment => E-sports until they have new game with a new community they will be able to fully milk.
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