ChickenWrap's handy-dandy guide to leaving Silver in Season 10 (This is also an AMA about League)!

Hello, people. My name is ChickenWrap. I used to be so bad at playing League of Legends that I build 5 Sunfire Cape Rammus. It was my favourite build of all time and my ELO was below bronze. Was it Iron? Possibly. It was bad, but this was back when tiers and divisions didn't exist. I got close a couple of times but often found I was lacking untl I stopped doing that. When I stopped, I immediately saw a boost to Silver in Season 2. From there, when Season 3 started, I played AP Trist and Kassadin almost exclusively in mid lane, with Annie and Pantheon as back-ups. Those four champions brought me from Silver all the way to Plat 1, 97 LP, where I was gated with +0 LP for the next couple wins until I started to lose a few games and the season ended. In one season I almost went from Silver 4 to Diamond 5. In one season. All because I made the correct champion choices and had some game knowledge to back it up. There was probably some luck involved because in Season 4 I was also Platinum, but I was playing Warwick, Wukong, Kha'Zix, and AP Kog mid, where I had lots of games logged on them and had really strong win percentages Maybe I made the climb in two seasons. I honestly can't entirely remember what happened. Now I sit here having fun in Diamond every season Anyway, the point I want to make is this: Champions excel at doing different jobs. Some of them excel when teamwork is applied and some of them excel when your opponents are prone to making mistakes. Some excel when the enemy team doesn't know how to close a game and others excel if your team is trying to close out early. Some champions do well when they have follow-up from their team and some prefer to split push solo and bring the attention of many opponents while your team 4v3's elsewhere. You can climb with any champion, but it is _far easier_ if you choose one who is strong in your current ELO and who meshes well with the concepts players in that elo are familiar with and understand. Abuse their lack of game knowledge and jungling in low ELO by playing a hypercarry who is only weak during the time you won't be ganked anyway. Playing what is strong helps, but only as long as you know what makes them strong in the first place and how to use it. Olaf is crazy strong right now, for example, but he has a lower win rate and power rate in low ELO because players don't know how to abuse his ridiculous early-game strengths like they do in higher ELO. You will see the greatest amount of success through 1) Playing only a few champions 2) Playing only two roles 3) Focusing on improving yourself, your **map awareess, lane pressence, objective control, and decision making oriented around winning the game.** 4) Learning how to roam to other parts of the map 5) Never playing a champion that doesn't have agency on their own unless you're duoing 6) Understanding lane manipulation. < THIS IS HUGE Follow these simple steps, and you _should_ see a major increase in your elo.
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