Phane Sorter's Swain analysis (Not Clickbait)

Phane Sorter has returned to League of Legends and after a brief period on the PBE he is completely DISGUSTED. Phane Sorter thinks the passive is insanely broken, basically Swain's ult on a passive, but with a free pull added to it with no cooldown to speak of. His q is literally dGraves's old q except on a 2 second cd. His w allows him to completely bypass placing any wards at all and takes no skill to land at all, and His e does the same damage- if not more- than Ahri q; plus it ccs. Holy cow that's fair. His ultimate is essentially the same as his old ultimate except with a Vlad e with a higher ap ratio tacked on and without a mana cost. Phane Sorter believes that whoever made this new kit should be fired in the next 5 seconds or there will be grave repercussions. It's absolutely insane that they managed to make new Swain even more broken than he is already on live- it's just a disgrace and and shows Riot's blatant bias. Please, nerf this champion before he rips the meta in two.
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