Alistar's Trample has possibly the worst rank scaling in the game.

I was just looking at Alistar's numbers, when something jumped out at me: of all champion kits in the game, there aren't many with a more obvious skill to max last than Alistar's and its Trample. It isn't even worth thinking about, as Trample has some of the worst rank scaling of any ability. Compare with his Q and W (which are his more powerful and iconic abilities anyway): Trample already has the lowest base CD of Alistar's 3 common abilities, but only reduces it by 0.5 sec per rank, while both Headbutt and Pulverize are reduced by a whole 1 second, meaning by level 18 Headbutt and Trample are even at 10 seconds. The damage of Q and W spikes quite considerably with each rank, increasing by 45 per rank for Q and 55 for W (keep in mind that 55 is Headbutt's *base* rank 1 damage), while Trample's damage increases by only 2.5 per tick with each rank (a total of 25 damage if you hit with all 10 ticks, which you probably won't unless you're using it to clear minions). Even the spike of bonus damage you get for using the on-hit stun is based on Alistar's *level* rather than Trample's rank, giving you even less incentive to rank it. Worst of all is the mana cost. While Pulverize and Headbutt, despite being *incredibly* powerful abilities in their own right (I still say Pulverize is the single most-powerful nonultimate ability in the game), only have their cost increase by 5 per rank, keeping them affordable even for a support with little scope for building mana or MP regen, Trample's mana cost increases by *10* per rank, meaning that at rank 5 it's *his most-expensive nonultimate ability* (and only 10 mana less than his ult). **Honestly, you're *almost* better off leaving it unranked- the 2 seconds of CD reduction and 10 damage per tick almost don't compensate for the 40% increase in mana cost.** I know not every champion needs a flexible kit and some skills just *are* meant to be maxed last (such as Zyra's Rampant Growth or Karthus' Wall of Pain). And no matter how Trample scales, Alistar's nonultimate skill ranking order will ALWAYS be Q>W>E because The Combo is just THAT core to his very existence. But I don't get why Trample is so *excessively* bad to rank. Are you afraid noobs will get baited into neglecting Headbutt and Pulverize if Trample is too appealing to rank? I don't think that's a concern.
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