so akalis getting nerfd. again. it really sucks when for the first time in 4 years (after rework) you find a champion whose kit and play style and design you truly enjoy and everyday when you wake up and think about league you think about playing that one champion. which unfortunately is also the champion riot likes to repeatedly gut over and over again because of pro play. first they nerfed her shroud by giving the new shimmer effects and letting auto attacks complete. great now {{champion:236}} hard counters me. but its fine. then they took away her tower diving while {{champion:238}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:80}} get to keep theirs...ok thats fine i guess.. then they took her healing then another recent W nerf that increased its cooldown. then now their hard nerfing her passive (main source of damage) when{{champion:238}} she{{champion:91}} already {{champion:105}} has {{champion:28}} the {{champion:121}} longest {{champion:555}} TTK {{champion:56}} of {{champion:141}} all {{champion:7}} assassins {{champion:55}} ALL OF THESE NERFS WITH NO COMPENSATION BTW other than the little buffs she got a few patches ago. riot do you guys just want to go ahead and delete/revert akali and this point? and give me a free name change while your at it. or as least give her an aatrox/urgot mini rework and fix her problems. because this is mental abuse for me stop gutting my main holy shit she already has one the lowest winrates in the game why dont u guys just make a COMPLETELY different server only for pro play and nerf/buff champions there without having to fuck with normal plays balance? for example pro play akali too strong? nerf akali on pro play servers. leave normal game play akali alone. stop balancing the game around the pros. wtf is wrong with you.
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