Does anyone on GD paint minis?

If so I've got a beginners tips for some of you: use a wet palette. I just started using one and I noticed a difference right away. Your paints stay wet so you don't have to worry about them drying out for awhile. I've heard that if you do it right, the paint lasts for a few days. First get a airtight container, one for sandwiches will do. Just needs to be airtight, but the shorter but longer and wider the better. Put some paper towels or sponge cloth on the bottom. Add water so the paper or sponge is really wet. After that put on some parchment paper (might be called bakery paper) which lets a tiny bit of water through to keep the paint most. I used some reynolds stuff you can get in the story. Don't use wax paper because it doesn't let water through.
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