Please Revert Zac ultimate

I picked up Zac a couple months after his R change and absolutely fell in love with him, playing game after game, never getting bored of the champ because when I played him, I felt I was using skill and landing skillshots was integral to winning a game. His main kit, in my opinion, revolved around fight set up and peel. Damage was never an issue I complained about because as a tank with heavy cc, fighting a carry by themselves was mostly doable. The only issue I ever had with this champion was the fact that his passive was next to useless. As a passive that can bring someone back to life and give them a second chance in a team fight, it would obviously be complicated to balance on a tank. However, in the same respect, it is so incredibly useless that anyone at any stage of the game, no matter if you were fed or even, could EASILY kill your blobs rendering them useless. In live servers where there is no team coordination, and many people look for kills more than actually using their head and playing the game as a strategy game, you often find top laners and mid laners taking ignite instead of teleport. This even further cements the fact that his passive is useless because there is no way for you to actually come back. I'm not even saying all this just because i want to vent, the best way to fix this issue is, one, either buff the amount of hp/mr/ar the bloblets have, that or buff their AOE resist, i'm tired of losing my passive bloblets from a single syndra q or a ziggs q. Even Yorick's ghouls have more hp % and AOE resistance then the bloblets, and you can summon them over and over. Don't get me wrong here, my goal isn't to receive these buffs on Zac and be done with it, I would gladly live through all this if I only had zac's AOE re-positioning ultimate back. This ability made me feel that I wasn't just playing a mindless tank like Malphite, Maokai, or Sion. The abilities I landed could decide the outcome of a team fight. With this reverted ult, I feel like I'm just jumping around like an idiot, pressing w occasionally and not doing much to influence a team fight. I don't think that reverting his ult and putting ap scaling into his abilities was the way to go, slapping the title of the change as "Wanted to put more damage back into my good good blobman " Quoted from Riot Maxw3ll, a gold player that has 70 total games as zac spanning out over 6 seasons (I counted, stats from his [ ] These are the players that deemed Zac too weak? A hard stuck gold player with 70 games most likely with other like minded individuals that thought this was the best way to go with zac. I have almost 500 games in 2 seasons, Zac is the reason I went from silver to plat in a couple months and this person ruined my champ and the game for me, yes i'm mad. As a Zac, his goal now in team fight seems to be, E in, TRY to Q, and whether you hit it or not, press ult and jump around doing nothing in terms of damage because every single champion in the game now has some form or not taking damage whether it be from high mobility abilities, magic shields, cc, etc. This change didn't make him better and it didn't even make him any more popular I can almost 100% guarantee that that mid-season update that changed his R made him more popular than he ever was, and that's when people started picking him up and maining him. I would spam him game after game, play him over and over never getting tired because i felt there was a mechanical aspect to him, after the revert I think i played around 5 games and I haven't touched him. Zac was the reason I played league because he was fun to me and wasn't broken. I hate to play champs like jax or the sort that you can play for 15+ games and be considered good at in terms of champion knowledge and mechanics and 1v5 decimating team fights. Zac is a tank, having some ap damage in his kit is fine because it leaves some roam for dmg but to turn a tank into a- I don't even know at this point, a magey tank??? Is just ridiculous. I literally want nothing more then to have his ult back, I can deal with the champ being weak because I can just get better and be more careful, but he just isn't fun, there is no machanics, there is no clip worthy ults, no insane outplays and turn arounds for team fights, just a sad blob that I don't enjoy playing anymore. Please share this, I really like the game and that's what's keeping me here otherwise I would've left when zac got the revert. P.S. His popularity hasn't even spiked to the point where he would receive a skin, he hasn't got one in 2.5 years, there aren't even people begging for one like aurel and the time difference is about the same, around 850 days
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