Don't loose LP to this unfair bug + Riot & LoL in a nutshell.

In a ranked game, when my turn to pick a champion came, **the lock in button stayed gray and unclickable** and I could not choose my champion. _**I just lost 20 LP and received a 30 minute Queue timer because the I could not press the lock in button.**_ To some people this might not seem like a big deal, but when you spend 10 hours to gain that 20LP and then out of the blue it just gets taken out of your hand cause of some stupid glitch, it kind of is a big deal. Although it depends on the person, 10 Hours is easily the equivalent of 200$ US or more, and as the icing on the cake I ALSO get an additional 30 minute ban for something I was forced into. It feels like shit. Of course I want my LP or the equivalent value in time spent for it back, as well as an immunity to a future dodge penalty, but what I want most is to see if riot cares enough about its players enough to at LEAST provide an apology, cause if they don't, its the equivalent of them saying "Hey guys, if you didn't know, we don't give a **fuck** about any of you. Shut the fuck up and pay us for our addicting content" - which seems like their current mindset towards players, and I think this is something that we **really** should be talking about. Other games will compensate players if they experience a bug that negatively affected their user experience, but does Riot? Does Riot expect players to keep spending money on this game when they wont hire people to handle the most fundamental of PR? Same story with not having anyone monitor the content that people are permabanned for (SO many people are banned for NO good reason) and automating everything in order to save costs and censoring people through Hitler / North Korea style fear tactics. If I had to describe Riot to someone, my honest and most accurate answer would be that Riot and its employees are basically Crack Dealers who sell to young children and adults alike and use these Hitler style fear tactics to control their clientele, ignoring anybody who questions their ways until they realize they have a big problem. Riot develops and distributes an online multiplayer video game - an unregulated product which we know can debilitatingly addictive much like alcohol or crack (Its heartbreaking to see young kids grow to become unable to control their cravings for video games. Videogames are literally everywhere and impossible to get away from so long as you send your child to school) - and they try to make it as addicting as possible so that users get hooked on their product - just like crack dealers. The thing is, almost every regular user plays LoL over other MOBAs because of the community and not just because LoL is a superior game in itself (Your Elo / how good you are at LoL only has value because there are other people who play this game as well.) The community is a fundamental part of LoLs success, yet Riot tries to maintain its complete dictatorship over the game (which is why everyone hates riot) and treats its users like they are expendable - banning us for no reason, treating us like shit, and for pros, put their careers and livelihood at risk for no real reason other than "we felt like it." Im sick of formulating sentences so I'm going to wrap it up here, but in conclusion, we have this situation where Riot doesn't care about its community, and the community doesn't care about riot, but the community is reliant on Riot to get its fix so everyone accepts the bullshit and just goes with it. My question is - Is this really the way we want to continue?
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