Is Riot Self-sabotaging their rotating Games because of China and Korea?

North America is a 4fun region. Whether this is a good or bad mentality to have doesn't matter. When people play video games they want to have fun, right? Well, I think we can all agree in other cultures this might not be the case. In China and Korea everyone only cares about ranked and improvement and not necessarily playing a video game to have fun such as the rotating game modes. They get enjoyment is knowing they are better than their competition which is fine. Even ARAM games in China and Korea are known to be extremely competitive even though there is essentially no benefit whether you win or lose. With the recent change to the Legend of the Poro King moving from being able to choose your character to being all random like a typical ARAM I think this will make the overall play rate and success of the game mode this year be less than in previous years. Essentially, Riot is going to look at the data and interpret not as many people are playing the mode and it should be canceled just like all the other game modes such as Acention, Dominion, Hexakill, Nexus blitz and others. I get that North America is not the primary revenue generating region, but we like these games modes! My brother and I dont particularly like just playing ranked summoner's rift 24/7. He quit and so did many of his friend a few months after rotating modes ended and for other reasons as well. So, is Riot trying to make worse versions of game modes such as making Poro King this year all random to try to justify ending the mode in the future all together, or is this just normal and I am overthinking this one? ps My grammar is not great I know.
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