The Blizzard incident seems like controversy for the sake of controversy

First let’s get this out of the way. Blizzard’s reaction was too exteme. Just because those are the punishments laid out in the contract doesn’t mean to fully use them. Going nuclear on a minor offense of their policies was obviously a bad idea. They need to give him his prize money and unban his account. That’s not up for debate. A 6 month ban from attending Blizzard tournaments was the only rational response. Offer the casters their jobs back and publically apologize. On the other hand.., Not giving him permission to use their livestream as a soapbox does not mean Blizzard suppressed free speech or supports communism. This is such a ridiculous and over the top reaction I’m baffled to see it at all, let alone see it as the main claim against Blizzard. They’re a business and their priority is their sales. This argument comes across as people wanting an excuse to be mad about something. Especially when I see people lying about things like it not being during Blizzard’s streams or that they banned Winnie the Pooh from Blizcon. Anyways that’s my two cents
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