Do you believe that Riot is enfocing a 50% winrate by intentionally matching you with bad teams?

So there was a topic on the EU boards with a pretty big amount of upvotes: > > Seriously Riot, > > Stop it. > I don't care if i go in a 20 game lose streak, i don't want matchmaking to auto-correct my elo to 50% win ratio. > > I was sitting at 70%+ win ratio and now the game has been making me tryhard or lose every match its not even funny and i checked my win ratio and funny enough it's now 53%. > ___ I think that that's a pretty ridiculous statement, and I feel like people don't understand how MMR based matchmaking and climbing works. So I made a topic on that: (long post, a lot of text, but this is a summary) > Now some people tend to go on winning sprees. Some deserved wins, some lucky games, some even games that you still won. If you have a nice big spree like that, your MMR keeps rising and rising and rising. > Sometimes it can happen that your MMR rises a bit too fast, and your skill level is not quite there yet, so you start losing more games. And more games, until your MMR is where you should be again. Then you go back to winning about 50% of your games again. > > At your true MMR, your actual skill level, there SHOULD be a 50% chance of winning. That makes for a fair game. > > You have a 50% chance of losing a game, every game. It is very possible that you lose 10 games in a row. It's just chance. ___ So I was wondering what the NA boards' opinion on the matter is. Do you believe that Riot (or the matchmaking system) is actively rigging games to make sure people who go on a win spree, eventually go on a lose spree, or not? Thoughts?
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