League of legends a game that is not dying

Just released this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4DP-9oMfm4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8UhsspO3qg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S86guMGBKrU Now we are not going to talk about how game is dying. Everyone knows that. Riot has been showing statistics of playerbase every year until like 3 years ago. Never explained why they stop. Ques are slower and matchmaking is even worse, aka lack of players. No we are not going to talk about that. These videos are supposed to get in new players with mindless causal fun. Which is good and all, I myself am not that happy with competetive play in this game despite achieving Diamond 5+ rank multiple times. The issue however is that Riot is promoting the game as casual friendly. While only balancing it around PRO scene. Which is slowly dying. You are showing people who never played the game, how much fun they can have. Until they realize they have to play meta. And they are going to realize really fast. I mean fuck, a Vi? A fucking Vi? Do you expect people to have fun loosing 20 games in row? Until they pick something that is much easier to play and suddenly they start winning? Yeah that totally is not going to make them google a term "Best lol champions". And from that moment, they are done. Your promotion is ruined. All because you dont want balance, you only want money. Why would you make least played champions viable when the popular ones have skins amirite? So my question is Riot, what do you expect to achieve? Do you expect to hook up some 12 year olds with moms credit cards to buy all the shit in first month and then never play again? Because if you want 12 year olds 24 minute games are still too long. Either make this game work like overwatch or battlerite, where games are 10 minutes long at most, finally giving veterans reason to move on better games, or finally give your veteran playerbase what they want. A strategic 35-45 minute games that can involve all champions. Not just those who excel in early game. Because let me tell you. Those who still play this game since season 1 2 3, these people are your backbone. They are your benchmark of long term relationship. And they are on the edge. Ready to go. Just waiting for that last final push. edit #1 Champions showcased in the promotion videos include champions from 4800 BE to 6300 BE. I totaly forgot how much time you have to funnel down playing this game just to try out champions. I have spent around 4000 hours of playing this game in old system which is slower at start but faster past level 30, just to gain access to something other games offer right at the beginning. This tactic is absolutely not casual friendly. Another way of making people pay instead of play. edit#2 for those who dont understand what I mean riot balances the game around pro scene: I am aware that Riot does not want to make champions like Garen or Yi viable on LCS, even though it would make pro play balanced. That would be balancing around PRO PLAY. PRO scene means that they balance the game in such a way it is better to look at. Shorter games so live audiences dont fall asleep or get bored. More deathball teamfights are much flashier than splitpushing. More tower gold, more snowballing, more death. I am not at all talking about champion balance here. I am talking about the game format itself.
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