So, can we reopen that little discussion about the existence of "Elo hell" again, perhaps?

One of the longest-standing discussions on this forum is the argument about whether or not "Elo hell" exists. Those who argue that it does point out the fairly-obvious point that LoL is a TEAM game and it doesn't matter how good you are, if your team is terrible (and your opponents are not) you're gonna lose, which ultimately means your fate isn't really in your own hands and matchmaking luck is just as important as skill, if not moreso, and if you get a streak of constant losses then you ARE in Elo hell. Those who argue that it _doesn't_ exist say that any time your team loses it was ALWAYS your fault for not being better than you were, no matter how hopeless (or disconnected) your team was, you could always win _any_ game, because if you can't carry a 3v5 single-handedly then you don't deserve to win and should stay in bronze where you belong (yes, _multiple_ people have _literally_ argued exactly this). If you ever get a long streak of losses then the only common factor is you (disregarding the point that you are also a common factor in your _wins_ too, and also disregarding the existence of _other_ common factors in your losses, like DCing teammates or intentional feeders) and you're not in "Elo hell", you just suck. They also point out that if Elo hell really existed, how would all the top players in the game have ever reacher Master and Challenger rank? At the moment Faker, widely considered the best LoL player in history, the man known simply as "God", is on the worst losing streak in the history of the SKT, largely because his team is falling apart around him, particularly Untara and Thal in top and Blank in jungle- Blank in particular is making an absolute _botch_ of his games, continually making absolutely _amateurish_ mistakes and getting the absolute crap kicked out of him game after game. As a result, unless things turn around QUICKLY then SKT, the 3-time world champions, may have to fight just to _keep their position in the League_ for next split! So clearly of course SKT's misfortunes are all Faker's fault for not being better than he is, because you can never blame your teammates for your losses, everything is all your fault. It doesn't matter if your team sucks, it's always YOUR job to carry. See what I'm getting at here? So let's restart that discussion, shall we...?
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