Ban too harsh?

Game 1 Pre-Game DezzyBoi: naut DezzyBoi: take flash In-Game DezzyBoi: morgana DezzyBoi: dont go into minions next time DezzyBoi: YI DezzyBoi: Kys DezzyBoi: go DezzyBoi: kys DezzyBoi: yi is r%%%%%ed DezzyBoi: your adc is behind so im going to tax him DezzyBoi: lol nice yi Well, so I tried staying relatively quiet as you can see from this game, nothing good comes out of me using chat anyway, but I guess my allied master yi just tilted me, slightly. In all honesty I didn't think saying 'kys' can get you a 14 day ban, afterall, people use 'kys' so lightly nowadays I hear it on a day to day basis, I see my friends use it in game, as well as others, but I don't bother reporting them because it doesn't bother me. Anyway enough rambling on what I'm trying to get at is that if that is all I've said all game, then shouldn't a more lenient ban be implented? I've been chat restricted before and it has helped me reform and it taught me to use chat less because as I said earlier nothing good comes out of it anyway, and I think that 14 days of not being allowed to play for saying one 'bad' word is a bit too much.
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