I'm tired of talking, but unfortunately, I love this game and it makes it impossible for me to just stop playing ... Riot is not taking any action on fps drops (which are several during the match), which for some players this comes from patch 9.20 (reports). With Riot's vast staff, a simple problem STILL has not been resolved, that's ridiculous. Impossible for players to simply have fun and play that try hard that we all love, the worst is that many thought it was their computer problem, even though they were great PCs, tried to update video cards, formatted, did everything and nothing changed. With this post I just want Riot to pay more attention to their game, all we want is good playability and something functional. There´s only something good: The game freezes aparently stopped for me, but the FPS drops are still there. Please Riot, look this poor Soraka, she just wants to play without FPS drops :( {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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