When does honor and fair play cripple you as a player?

> "Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." - Sophocles All my life, I've not exactly 'lived' by this kind of principle, but it's been a major factor in many things I've done that have some kind of competitive edge. When playing Warhammer 40,000 I never brought Nidzilla Godfex lists as the Tyranids or 3 Riptides when playing Tau. Before the nerf in TF2, Pyro had the Phlogistinator, an absurdly broken weapon that would give you a mini Uber and heal you to full, then give you crits for a period of time after which could recharge and repeat the action. Never used it. In League... I don't play Riven, Yasuo, Fizz, any of the braindead champions that legitimately take zero actual skill or mechanics to do well with, and have ridiculous numbers backing them up. I do not play any champion who I feel is overpowered or overtuned, by choice, because being better at the game mechanically should show more gains than leaning on crutches to do well. Always report the OTP Yasuo and Riven mains because they are the cancer ruining the trenches where they can get one item and snowball the game. At what point do the principles of playing fair become a detriment because I choose not to play cheese champions? Is it bad that I feel perpetuation of cancerous meta and picks means that people accept that this is the norm and refuse to change it? For those of you about to spam "go play another game" I would, but unfortunately Dota 2 is currently experiencing a cancerous growth known as Auto Chess that is soaking 60% of the playerbase at any given time and queues are ridiculous to get into a game. I've played an entire game of LoL while waiting in queue and still didn't get matched. I'm not even in high MMR in Dota 2, I peak out around 3.8k and currently am redoing the placements still. It's that bad.
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