People are constantly dodging or AFK'ing on the PBE!

I've been having some serious issues with not being able to play normal games one the PBE recently. Like for the past several weeks I get on, play 1 or 2 games to see if the queues have chilled out yet and get my RP bonus, and it's just not happening. I know people want to play Senna and all that but damn, I haven't had a normal, 5v5 game successfully complete without an AFK for literally (no exaggeration at all) 3 weeks+. It makes me wish Co-Op VS AI was still there. But now we don't even have draft pick. I think Draft mode was removed because people were banning the new/reworked champions, but is it possible to bring it back, and just disable bans for newly changed champions? If there is any way we could implement preferred role/champions somehow in exchange for a longer wait time, I would VASTLY prefer that to how it is now. Or even if we could just crack down on all the AFK'ers or something with more strict punishments for leaving. Anything? Thoughts?
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