What's Riot doing to those who gets boosted to a Ranked they clearly aren't?

SO MANY games I've seen where people are "Gold 1" when they clearly play horrible. Looking at their past seasons... YOU CAN see they were Silver 5 or Bronze 3. Sure, some people do grind hard and play intensely to eventually climb exceedingly well. Congratulations to those BUT to those who uses their cleavages to flirt with people to boost their accounts to a Ranked they don't deserve to ONLY then do terribly and cost the game(s) for those in the ELO... What the actual fuck? The past month I've encountered one boosted player every other game... I don't believe I should be losing LP because people are going 1-8 on a champion they surprisingly went 80% win rate on and suddenly are playing like they don't know how to play the champion...
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